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Choose a Better Path

About Choose a Better Path

Your parents are divorced and it’s a hassle at times, but overall it’s no big deal right? That’s what many think, but…

Do you have trouble trusting people or often feel worthless or inadequate? Do you dread holidays and special occasions where parents, steps, and ex-steps are all present? Do you struggle with anger or the feeling that things in your life can fall apart at any moment? You’re not alone.

For fifteen years Kent Darcie has helped adults with divorced parents apply God’s healing to triggers, fears, trust issues, anger, grieving, father hunger, the fallout from gray divorce (empty-nest parents splitting up), and unforgiveness. And it’s done without bashing or demeaning divorced parents or others.

Now, with Choose a Better Path: Overcoming the Impact of Your Parents’ Divorce, Kent has created a user-friendly book that provides thought-provoking, helpful, and healing information to for adult children of divorce.

As an adult who struggled with the impact of his parents’ divorce, Kent’s passion is to help you choose a path that leads toward healthy relationships with God, yourself, your spouse, and others.

If ordering more than 10 copies, please email us for bulk order pricing.  Thank you!

"I didn’t realize the negative impact my parents’ divorce still had on me until my husband mentioned it early in our marriage. This book does an amazing job of shedding light in order to bring true healing."

- Renita C., adult child of divorce

"For more than forty years I carried a weight of anger, anxiety, and fear that tainted every moment I experienced and every decision I made. The healing I’ve experienced has yielded innumerable spiritual victories for myself and my family."

- Marcus P., adult child of divorce

"This book is a recommended resource for adult children of divorce and an enlightening read for those who love them.”

- Jen Abbas de Jong,

author of Generation Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of our Pain

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