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Do you have the source for true healing?

The resources listed below are great tools, but Jesus said what good is it if a man gains the whole world (including healing from ACD issues) if he loses his soul? (Matthew 16:26) The Bible is very clear that only those who have accepted Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins have eternal life with God. 


This ministry is committed to helping people heal from ACD issues, but we more committed to helping you understand that true healing (from sin) is only offered from God through Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ is not the Lord of your life please click here for more information about just how much God loves you.

Walking with God

  • The Bible

  • The Reason for God, Timothy Keller

  • Why Grace Changes Everything, Chuck Smith


Adult Children of Divorce Overview

  • Generation Ex.,  Jen Abbas

  • Adult Children of Divorced Parents; Making Your Marriage Work, Tom and Beverly Rodgers

  • The Long Way Home, M. Gary Neuman*

  • Breaking the Cycle of Divorce, John Trent

  • Between Two Worlds, Elizabeth Marquardt

  • The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce, Judith Wallerstein*

  • The Adult Child of Divorce: A Recovery Handbook, Bob Burns & Michael Brissett, Jr.

  • Broken Circle: Children of Divorce, Karen Klein*

  • The Way They Were, Brooke Lea Foster* (gray divorce)

  • Daughters of Divorce, Terry Gaspard

  • Primal Loss, Leila Miller


Father Hunger

  • Longing for Daddy, Monique Robinson

  • What a Difference a Daddy Makes, Dr. Kevin Leman​

Helpful Books


  • Forgive and Forget, Lewis Smedes

  • The Five Languages of Apology, Dr. Gary Chapman

  • Total Forgiveness, R.T. Kendall



  • Love and Respect, Emerson Eggerichs

  • Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman

  • One More Try – Gary Chapman


Other Issues

  • The Control Freak, Les Parrott III, Ph.D

  • Two Homes for Tyler , Pamela Kennedy.  For children to help them deal with their parents’ divorce.

  • Living Together: Myths, Risks, & Answers, Mike & Harriet McManus

  • Helping Children Cope With Divorce, Edward Teyber*

*denotes secular books that may contain limited amounts of profanity and/or adult content.

Helpful Websites

Divorce Issues


Marriage/Relationship Issues

Stepfamily Issues

Helpful Books
Helpful Websites
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