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Why am I Running From My Prayer Closet? – A Sunday Snippet

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I try to fit in my daily prayer routine before my crazy days begin. Too often the pressures of my upcoming schedule create a not too subtle urgency to finish so I can start doing the “important” things that are stacked up like planes waiting to land at an airport.

One morning while praying, I was feeling the urge to get a move on when God’s Holy Spirit asked me where I was running from.

Huh? What do you mean, where am I running from? You’re anxious to start conquering your list right? Yeah. So? Where are you running from? What are you talking about? I don’t get it.

You’ve got a full schedule today?  Over full Kind of tired? Exhausted. Seems like you’re a little depressed too. Well, yeah. Feeling like nobody cares or understands. Well, yeah. See no end to this crazy season you’re in and want an escape. …yes.

Okay. Do you believe that Abba Father, the Creator of the Universe, is with you in your prayer closet? Yes. Does He listen to you? Yes. Does He judge you? No!

Does He encourage you? Yes. Does He remind you of how special He thinks you are? Yes. Does He offer you peace now and for your entire day? Yes. Does He wipe your tears? Yes. Does He offer you strength to make it through your day? Yes. He says through Christ I can do all things * Does He give you wisdom for your to-do list? Yes, very often. Does He love you? Yes. Does He love you? …yes, deeply. Does He love you? …….yes. Unconditionally.

So when you hurry from your prayer closet, where are you running from? Well…I guess… from a place where I’m totally accepted, totally loved, totally adored, totally supported, totally equipped, where I can be myself without judgement, where I can talk with God as long as I want and He never tires of me. That’s what I”m rushing from. Guess I’ve got things backwards, huh? You tell me. Thanks for the perspective check. Just doing my job. Thank you. See you tomorrow? You can count on it!

* Philippians 4:13

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