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What about the Kids?

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Recently I read an article on Kate Winslet. She was pregnant at the time of the interview. This would be baby number three with husband number three; one child by each man. The focus was on her and how complicated her life is. Other than a mention of the kid’s names, nowhere in the article was it ever asked, What about the kids? How are they doing with all this?

More important, what chance do they have of a solid long-term relationship? Statistically, very little.  

Unfortunately, that tidbit of information won’t show up on the daytime talk shows, or evening Hollywood telebloids until they are grown and probably divorce themselves as the cycle continues.

So here’s a thought. The next time you stand at a register and see magazines celebrating the latest divorce and how easy it seems to be, ask yourself—out loud so the person behind you can hear—what about the kids? How are they going to be affected by this?

That person behind you, or the cashier in front of you…or the person around the water cooler at work, or in your ladies group, or on your bowling league, or at a family gathering, might be thinking about divorce.  Your words just may keep a child’s mom and dad together. How cool would that be?

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