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Twas The Night Before Christmas for an Adult Child of Divorce

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

By Kent Darcie

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, My kids were all sleeping, and so was my spouse. All quiet at last, day’s deeds finally done, Soon wonder would greet wide-eyed little ones.

It’d been a long time since that thrill filled my heart, I’d grudgingly sleep, and then wake with a start. Seems like it died on that one fateful day When my dad and my mom went their separate ways.

I suddenly mused on Christmases past, The mountain of toys we kids would amass. We’d laugh and we’d play and we’d play and we’d eat Mom’s Custard Tart pie;  Ahhh, such a treat!

Then consciousness dulled as fatigue settled in, The latch to my eyelids coming unpinned. A break from this annual ache I would feel That tugged at my soul, took strength to conceal.

But then a miraculous thing did occur, I dreamed a grand dream and my spirit was stirred. The Lord took me up, and showed this great sight Of my home, my kids, myself , and my wife

On Christmas days filled with the love that we shared; Starting with wonder and ending with prayer. The faces reflecting the joy of those days Were as sweet as a lavishly fragrant bouquet.

“How have I missed this?” I queried the Lord, “These riches exceed what man could afford.” “This is the day I have made,” the Lord said, “Move on from your past, here, focus instead.”

Then quickly He went to His heavenly abode. I woke in my chair, and joy finally flowed From a heart filled with thanks for blessings galore; The ones that last years, not those from a store.

Time’s pages have turned since that Eve‘ night untold, I bask in each Christmas, both body and soul.

For God gives today to each daughter and son, A joy in this world, ‘cause our Savior has come.

May God bless you with His peace and joy this Christmas season and all the New Year!

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