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The Cross and Feelings of Unworthiness

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Three days have passed since the world celebrated Easter. The eggs and chocolate may be gone, but the cross continues as a sign of hope and healing. One day I experienced this healing when confronted by the truth of the cross.

Though it appeared like I had it all together, feelings of unworthiness flowed through my veins like white blood cells. I’ve learned that low self-worth (unworthiness) regularly makes the list of common traits of children of divorce. 

Webster’s definition for unworthy is “not good enough to deserve something or someone.”1 I would modify that definition to say “doesn’t deserve anything good.” That was the programing in my head. Regardless of what people said or did, I just didn’t believe I was worthy of being blessed.

One day I was in an “unworthy” funk, when the Lord asked if I believed that Jesus died for me on the cross. “Of course,” I answered. “Then you are calling Me a liar.” “What? Of course not!” “You believe you are unworthy?” “Well, yes.” “When I sent Jesus to die on the cross, I gave solid proof that mankind was worth My love. More specifically, the sacrifice of My Son provided a way for you to be with Me in Heaven. So Kent, either I’m a liar, or you are letting lies and feelings override the facts. Which is it?”

That was the turning point for me. Straddling the fence was no longer possible. Because I claimed Jesus as my Lord, I couldn’t continue to believe that I was unworthy while claiming I was worthy in Christ. So, going forward, I accepted and proclaimed my worthiness in Christ because of His work on the cross.

Are you struggling with feelings of unworthiness? The cross stands as a testimony of your worthiness in God’s eyes. The cross is a beacon of God’s love. Accept the truth that, regardless of what people may say, God declares you are worthy.

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