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Thanks-giving to Parents Who Really Try

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone. Furthermore, on this site I tend to focus on the fallout parental divorce produces—and rightfully so. If adults with divorced parents hope to break the divorce cycle, we need to identify some of the contributing factors.

However, there are countless divorced mothers and fathers and stepmothers and stepfathers who honestly try to minimize the ongoing impact. They accept that hybrid relationships can be difficult, awkward, or confusing for us, even as adults.

Some travel distances to stay involved with us.

Some sacrifice their own happiness because they believe it will help us.

Some refuse to badmouth their ex because that ex is our mother or father.

Some go above and beyond financially to help.

Many display grace when facing new husbands and wives.

Some pursue us even when we push them away.

Many lovingly do the stepparenthood dance of being a parent, yet not being the parent.

Some avoid family functions to decrease our discomfort. And the list goes on..

If you’re blessed with a parent or stepparent who is described by the list above, first give thanks to God. Unfortunately, these wonderful individuals are not as common as we might hope.

Second, give them a call, or a special hug to thank them. Tell them what you are thankful for. You may just give them the best gift they receive this entire holiday season!

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