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Saying Thank You to Faithful Fathers

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Father/husband bashing, whether veiled in humor or laced with malice, is a national pastime. When dealing with divorce, the target on their backs gets even bigger—and in too many cases, deservedly so.

But there’s an army of faithful fathers who sacrificially provide love (in their own way) and are truly committed to their children—both youngsters and adult. However, they’re invisible on sitcoms, movies, or news headlines.

A scene in my own life has my father standing at the door on visitation day. The tension in the house is palpable. While focusing on the fact that my response to this tension was my near desperate passion to diffuse tense situations, it occurred to me that my father chose to be there…for my sisters and I.

Skipping over the divorce drama and all its contributing factors, that man at the door chose to drive many miles and face a hostile environment—to be with us. Through the years he has maintained that tenacity and I’m deeply thankful.

Have things been perfect? Nope. Has there been awkwardness, difficulties, disappointments, confusion, and many of the issues we discuss on this site? Yes. But if we look past our hurts and offenses, often we’ll see the heart of someone who loves us.

Unfortunately, I’ve spoken with many who can’t relate to a sacrificial and loving father. I regret Father’s Day holds no joy for you, or, at best, is just another day. I encourage you to throw yourself into the arms of our heavenly Father and cast all of your cares on Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). I’ve learned that God has never left me or forsaken me (Hebrews 13:5)—though it felt that way sometimes.

But for those with fathers make the effort, regardless of how successful, let us take this day to, first give thanks to God for this blessing, and then text, call, or snail mail thanks to our faithful father.

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