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For One Day, Just Say “Thank You, Dads”

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Where or when it started I don’t know. My guess is that  it’s a fairly recent phenomenon. I’m referring to how moms are universally encouraged on Mother’s Day in teachings, newscasts, and pulpits across America,  yet, barely a month later on Father’s Day, dads hear lists and stories of all the ways fathers need to improve. Mother’s Day nary passes without an atta-girl sermon or story. However, dads rarely receive a  friendly pat without the negative underbelly.

We know there is a plague of fatherlessness in this country. The prisons are full of dad-less people. This ministry wouldn’t exist if divorce weren’t such a problem. We know there is a problem. But shouldn’t the good fathers, the ones: -who are staying in contact and supporting their kids who live with their ex -who are trying to do the nearly impossible job of step-father -who are busting their tails daily to support their family -who are single fathers through no fault of their own be honored  on their day like their female counterparts?

The Bible says to honor your father and your mother. We need to remind ourselves of this command. That way, On this special day that is designated as the day to celebrate dads , we can simply say, “Thank you, Dads.”

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