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First Things First – Starting the Year off Right

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

"Rescued" by Darren Hoover

“Rescued” by Darren Hoover is my favorite picture, because it sums up my life. I tried to do things on my own, yet peace alluded me. I felt like I was always struggling to stay above water with waves of fear, stress, anger, and temptations washing over me. When I gave my life to Jesus Christ thirty-one years ago, I finally felt  I had something solid to hold onto and a process of change began that continues to this day. And standing on the truths of the Bible has been a a vital help in dealing with the issues that were created by my parents’ divorce.

I hope that you will make this year a breakthrough time for you. When you look back at 2015, may you see how your fears were reduced and kept in check, anger issues were diminished, and strained relationships were improved or restored. All of these are possible! But the foundation for these breakthroughs is built upon the saving love of God through Jesus Christ.The first issue we need to deal with is our sin. And only Jesus Christ can cleanse us from our sins.

If you don’t understand what following Jesus means and want to better understand and see examples of the exciting things He can do, please click here for “The Message of the Cross” from Billy Graham.  Regardless of the “waves” you are struggling with, Jesus can heal and restore. More important, He wants to heal and restore. Learn more in this surprising and touching video.

May God richly bless you all this new year.


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