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Father Hunger, Premarital Sex, and Divorce Pt. 2 – Fathers Turning the Tide

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

In part one, we looked at the impact of Father Hunger. But what can be done to keep it from starting? What can a father do if the divorce has occurred and father hunger has already taken root in your daughter?

A father’s love is the most potent antidote for Father Hunger. Popular speaker, Tom Harmon, compiled a list from 72 high school girls that details how a father can better show his daughter that he loves her.

1. Spend quality time with me one on one.Take me on “dates” … out to eat, to walk, or just be together.

2. Give me love and affection.

3. Make me feel cherished and that I am precious to you.

4. Really try to understand; and listen well before answering.

5. Give me your undivided attention when I am sharing my heart.

6. Give me clear goals and direction.

7. Be a man of strong convictions.

8. Be a spiritual leader to the family.

9. Give me your undivided attention when I’m sharing my heart.

10. Give me praise and encourage.

11. Hold me accountable to my standards and commitments.

12. Teach me how to do household maintenance.

13. Visibly show your love for Mom.

14. Spend special times with Mom.

15. Find time to spend with the family.

16. Set a good example for my brother(s) by helping around the house.

17. Share your thoughts and feelings with the family.

18. Humble yourself by admitting your failures and mistakes.

Whether divorced or not (with the possible exception of (14 &15) these can all be done. Harmon concludes his list with a statement from every daughter’s heart: YOU AND OUR RELATIONSHIP ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME! *

Fathers (and all men), it’s time to stand against the tsunami of father hunger. Here are three steps that can help:

Print this list and let your wife and/or ex-wife know that you’re committed to strengthening your daughter(s) by doing the things on it. Listen to my podcast on Father Hunger  from the Champions Arise radio series.

Pray for God to protect your daughter’s heart and mind, and use you to repair any damage.

Regardless of how you’ve done in the past,  begin assuring her of your love in word and deed. Though your daughter may give you some resistance at first, persevere. She’ll thank you someday.


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