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Conscious Uncoupling – Anything but the D Word

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

With the acceptance and tolerance and “live and let live” and “anything goes” attitude that permeates our TV, news, movies, and sports, isn’t it interesting that divorce is still a dirty word, even in Hollywood? We learned this recently when Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband announced that they were divorcing consciously uncoupling. My heart goes out to them; particularly with Chris recently experiencing the divorce of his own parents.

However, renaming the D word is not the answer. Avoiding the D word is. I only hope the children that were caught in this latest conscious uncoupling will take part in a program like DivorceCare4Kids or Sandcastles. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Chris and Gwyneth tagged along and experienced God’s healing at the DivorceCare meeting for adults? Who knows, after they are given the tools to succeed and are exposed to the real effect on their kids, maybe they’d have a change of heart.

We can also pray that Chris Martin will not do what so many of us with divorced parents did, and bury himself in busyness instead of seeking helpful resources and dealing with the pain of his parent’s split in a constructive way.

May God bring healing and hope to this couple. May He also touch their kids so they don’t continue the divorce cycle.

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