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A Thank You to Divorced Dads This Father’s Day

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

My dad divorced my mom, but never divorced me and my sisters. Given my ministry and the stories I hear and read, I’m very, very thankful for a dad who pushed through his own animosity toward my mom, and kept the relationship between us and him alive.

To divorced fathers like mine, thank you for making the emotional sacrifice so we could have the emotional benefit. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate your efforts.

To divorced fathers that initially tried, but the waves of resistance—either from our mothers or from us—caused you to pull away, please make efforts to reconnect. There’s no guarantee how we’ll respond, but God can do amazing things when efforts are made with a humble heart.

To those of you whose fathers are gone (or were never in your life) I encourage you to press into the bosom of your Heavenly Father. He’s seen every tear, cheered your victories, smiles when you smile, and the Bible says, “Plans to give you a future and a hope.” *

My friends, this Father’s Day, take time to thank your father, your Heavenly Father, or both.

* Jeremiah 29:11

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