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Helping adults identify and overcome issues linked to their parents' divorce.


If you’re an adult with divorced parents, Hope4ACD is here for you. We’ve tried to create a resource-rich environment that is safe—safe to feel, safe to express, safe to ask questions. This kind of safety has proved elusive for many ACD.

We also strive to foster hope in four areas—stronger and healthy relationships with God, self, spouse, and others. Status quo, or less, is far beneath our potential because healthy and fulfilling relationships are possible!

Lastly, we don’t bash or dishonor divorced parents or other people. Our position is the divorce happened, let’s learn how to break the divorce cycle none of us wants.

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View and listen to specialists in areas that are helpful to ACD.

Happy Family

Relationships with family, steps, spouses, and others can be difficult to maintain. Why? These issues are discussed here.

Couple Disagree

Links and books with information in key areas that impact ACD.

Considering Divorce?

"My mom is divorced... her mom was divorced... and her mom was divorced. Am I destined for divorce, too?”

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